The Odysseus

Ulysse. is a multi-disciplinary team at the intersection of design, product, development, and events. 

Our mission is to create a smooth-working systems to build strong partnerships.
We navigate you through the digital creation process to build rich experiences.


Our approach

At Ulysse, we know that no two projects are alike.

We approach each job with a fresh and expansive mindset to create a curated, customized experience for every partner.

We love pushing the limits of what is achievable to bring each design into a unique reality.

Our playlists

Sailors, musicians, visionaries, you name it …
Ulysse’s unique culture attracts many creative souls.
The beats of their favorite songs bring joy and motivation to their lives. 
Here’s some inspirations from our sailors that propel them to do the things they love the most.


Just like in the opening of the Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022,
The great Morgan Freeman expressed his thoughts on Ulysse.

Congrats, you sailed the whole page

Now ! How about discovering the myth of ULYSSE ?